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TMAN philly

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Aug. 11th, 2009 | 09:59 pm
posted by: blisteringherb in ftms_of_color

No one has posted here for a while, so I figured a little plug for TMAN in Philadelphia, which is a group I have attended regularly for more than 3 years now, wouldn't hurt. There's a new site, http://www.tmanphilly.com, and you can follow us (on twitter) http://www.twitter.com/tmanphilly. There's a camping trip coming up and a trip to ATL in addition to the regular weekly meetings @1201 Locust St. Philly, PA @7:30pm. There are other events going on too like parties, balls, etc. Check out the site or follow us on twitter for the updates if you're in the Philly/NY area.

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