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Nov. 14th, 2006 | 04:57 pm
posted by: kidorhi in ftms_of_color

Jay Sennett, who's with Homofactus Press and has an entertaining and thought-provoking blog I duck into every now and again, has told me that the submissions call for Tinting the Lens in Trans Communities is still open.

There are, with consideration to 25 years ago, a plethora of books addressing the ‘social construction of masculinity.’ About 90 books deal specifically with trangender identities. To my knowledge only four of the 90 specifically offer more than an obligatory glimpse of what is repeatedly understood as the ‘elusive Ftm of color.’

In other words, where are the voices, opinions, insight of all the black, brown, red and yellow tomboys, “thatways,” butches, bull daggers, ‘brothers,’ guys like us, etc? Who is recording our journeys in this lifetime? How are women of color dealing with being seen as masculine, living like / as, wanting to be ‘men?’ Where do we find support, education, resources and self-esteem? Are we silent because it is “not an issue?” Is it a “white thing/way” to want to find answers to these questions? Where are the unpublished works of our poets, authors, theorist, teachers, artist, photographers, performers, peers and mentors? I am certain I am not the only one in this world who wants to know.

He'd also like ideas for anthology topics. He's thinking about one regarding hair and gender.


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